• Cars of the Stars Part 2

    What the Celebrities Are or Have Driven.

    Johnny Depp


    1959 Corvette

    Johnny and the characters that he portrays always captures our attention so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he sports his little red Corvette around Hollywood and his movie sets.

    Oprah Winfrey


    Tesla Electric

    Although the Tesla is only 1 small asset of Oprah’s, and we mean small, we like that she still cares about the environment enough to drive an Electric car!

    John Wayne


    1975 Grand Safari

    We love the Duke but we gotta say, the car he drove may actually be worse than his worst movie, “the Conqueror”. Unless you’re a huge John Wayne fan you probably never even heard of this flick … and that’s our point.

    George Clooney


    Corvette V8 C1 Convertible

    By George, who would have guessed. Come on Clooney, just let us drive it around the block just once!

    Taylor Swift


    Porsche 911

    Taylor Swift has enough money to be driving any car her little heart desires and even though we would have expected something a bit more pink and girly, her Porsche is actually pretty tasteful. Of course, it is, it’s a Porsche.

    Burt Reynolds


    1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

    You can’t deny that this bandit was a God of fast and very cool cars. Honestly, and this is hard to admit, but we think this car looked even better on Burt than his mustache did.

    Robert De Niro


    A Taxi

    Well, we needed this one. We call it journalistic, comic relief.

    Tiger Woods


    Porsche Carrera GT

    Other than catching Woods in a golf cart, you might just see him driving around town in his mega-dad-car Porsche Carrera. Yeah, it’s a Porsche, but come on Tiger, it could be cooler than that.

    Steven Tyler


    Hennessey Venom GT Spyder

    Not only is this the fastest convertible in the world but there is nothing even close to being like it. The famous Rockstar actually had this one custom built, without a top, so that there could only be one. Just like Aerosmith, one-of-a-kind!

    Kim Kardashian


    Bentley Continental GT

    This car isn’t exactly the norm but then again, who’s driving it?

    Jimi Hendrix


    1969 Corvette Stingray

    The last few years of his life were spent driving some of his most beloved Corvette’s, including his 69’ Stingray. Foxy!

    Jim Carrey


    Mercedes SL63

    We’re not joking about this one. Jim Carrey actually drives an SL63. What’s so funny about it? Well, nothing as a matter of fact. Maybe it’s part of his serious stage?!

    Ryan Reynolds


    2018 Dodge Challenger SRT8

    This car is spectacular. Ryan, we applaud you for this purchase. Our only complaint, you’re not driving it in Deadpool.

    Margot Robbie


    2018 Nissan Leaf.

    This has got to be a lie. One of the most talented and beautiful celebrities in Hollywood is driving a car called the “Leaf”. A little respect has been lost here…

    Elvis Presley


    1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60

    Yeah, the pink one. Elvis actually owned two of these beauties. The second Caddy was purchased immediately after his first caught fire and burned. He never admitted how, but it did happen, so we can only imagine there’s a pretty good story behind it.