• Interesting Car Facts: Part 1

    10 Interesting Facts About Cars That Will Blow Your Mind!
    Brought to you by the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction

  • There are currently
    1 Billion (with a "B")
    cars on our planet!


  • There are approximately

    Every Day!

  • The Average
    CAR contains30,000 plus parts

  • The Average
    is stuck in traffic nearly

    40 hours
    each year!

  • It's a
    Criminal Offense

    to drive a dirty car in


  • In Los Angeles There Are

    More Cars
    Than People

  • Do Not
    Honk Your Horn
    in New York City
    unless it's an absolute
    it's Illegal

  • The Average Car
    is only Driven
    About 5%
    of it's Life.

    95% of the time
    it just sits!

  • Over 50 Years of Driving you will spend almost $500,000 (1/2 Million Dollars) to own and maintain your car.
    I could have been a half a millionaire!

  • Over 1/3 of the World's Drivers Drive on the Wrong Side of the Road (the left side!)...

    According to Americans