• Interesting Facts about Cars: Part 2
    10 More Interesting Facts About Cars That Will Blow Your Mind

    Brought to you by the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction

  • People that Text
    while they drive
    are nearly 25 times
    more likely to
    have an accident
    than those who do not.
    Not LMAO

  • Louis

    died poor and bankrupt...

    working as a mechanic

    for the company that he founded

  • Just Parking for Cars

    in Los Angeles County, California

  • The Co-Founder of
    Domino's Pizza
    traded his shares
    of what is now
    considered amega-company
    for a Volkswagen

  • Hummer Drivers
    Love to Speed...

    In fact they get nearly
    500% more tickets
    than any other
    American Drivers

  • In many states in the US,
    you can be charged with a DUI
    even if the car is parked
    and you’re sleeping
    while drunk.

  • Highway Hypnosis

    The lack of recall regarding
    your recent drive...
    usually from a familiar
    driving pattern
    (to work, home, school, etc).

  • Ironically,
    the Co-Director/Co-Writer of
    Joe Ranft

    died in a car accident
    while the movie was still in production.

  • In 1900 only 22%
    of all cars were
    powered by Gasoline.

    The rest were powered
    by Steam and Electricity

  • Famous TV Host
    Mr. Rodgers
    car was once stolen.
    It was only returned to him
    after the thief realized
    who's car it was.
    Isn't that nice? I know it is!