• Interesting Car Facts: Part 3
    10 More Interesting Facts That Will Tickle Your Fancy

    Brought to you by the Greater Mishawaka Auto Auction

  • Who makes the longest lasting car?

    It's estimated that
    Rolls Royce
    still has over 75%
    of every car
    they have ever made...
    still on the road.

  • South African residentscan legally attachFLAMETHROWERSto their carsto provide defenseagainst carjackers.


  • For the "Standard Servicing"
    of a Bugatti Veyron
    you would pay over $20,000!
    OUCH!Actually not too bad when you consider that
    the purchase price of the Limited Edition
    Bugatti Veyron by Mansory Vivere
    is just around
    3.4 Million Dollars

  • If you live in Denmark you will pay 1 and 1/2 times
    the purchase price of your vehicle in taxes.

    That means for a $20,000 car
    you will pay $50,000 with Taxes!

    That's 150% in taxes!
    Who says Socialism
    doesn't work?!

  • 1.25 Million People
    Are Killed in
    Traffic Accidents
    each Year

  • Industry Experts believe
    that Self-Driving Cars
    will reduce Auto Accidents
    by over 90%

  • In 1916 a whopping 55%
    of all cars were
    Model T Fords.
    Imagine owning that record today.
    Somebody would have some
    serious cabbage!

  • It only takes about
    1/3 of a shot glass
    to start the average automobile.
    Even I could afford that!

  • The highest recorded mileage on any car is nearly 2.9 million miles. It is held by a Greek taxi driver and his Mercedes taxi.

    Although a New York Science teacher that owns a 1966 Volvo claims it has now stepped over the 3,000,000 mile mark.

  • At 60 Miles Per Hour
    it would take about
    2 lifetimes (150 years)
    to travel to the sun.